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bathroom cabinet makeover after photo, sage green cabinets

Are you in need of a bathroom cabinet makeover? Who wouldn’t love a fresh coat of paint or a new stain color on their cabinets to give their bathroom a new look?

Given the current wait times to order certain building materials and home supplies, it’s often much faster and even more cost effective to have your bathroom cabinets painted or stained rather than choose to have them replaced. We at Taylor Painting & Carpentry are about to showcase a small bathroom cabinet makeover that made a big difference to one of our clients.

The Makeover

We completed this bathroom cabinet project in Kimberton PA, just outside of Phoenixville. A repeat client of ours wanted to refresh their bathroom without the hassle and expense of ordering and waiting for new cabinets, tearing their old cabinets out, displacing all their bathroom items in the meantime, installing the new cabinets, going through the clean-up process – which we always handle so our clients don’t have to – and then putting all their personal and decorative items back in place. They wanted to give their bathroom a facelift, if you will, without a prolonged wait time and a much higher price tag. Although we are always ready to help if installing new cabinets is your project of choice, these are very appropriate reasons not to go that route, and we were happy to oblige.

As you can see, these cabinets started with a medium tone wood stain, shown in the Before photo. The first step to refinishing these bathroom cabinets was to remove the doors and drawer fronts, which you can see in the middle photo, marked as “During.” Then we removed any knobs and hinges.

The next step was to thoroughly clean all the surfaces to remove any residue from soap, toothpaste, hairspray, and similar products. Then we thoroughly sanded all surfaces. It is very important to clean surfaces before sanding or you end up forcing the contaminants into the surface and compromising the adhesion of your primer and finish coats. We ended this stage of the process by wiping off all sanding dust.

All surfaces were then sprayed with a bonding primer and 2 finish coats of Urethane Modified Acrylic Cabinet Paint. Doors and drawer fronts were reinstalled with new knobs and handles. The client chose a fresh new color in the sage green family, which really brightens the room and gives the bathroom a brand new look without any type of demolition or removal of existing cabinets or fixtures (beyond the door/drawer fronts and knobs and pulls).

If you are ready for a new look in your bathroom or any other room with cabinets and would like to discuss having your cabinets painted or stained, call or email us for a free consultation and estimate. We are also available to give free quotes on any interior painting and carpentry or exterior painting and carpentry projects you are looking to have done near Valley Forge, Wayne, Radnor, Berwyn, Paoli, Malvern, West Chester, Chester Springs, and surrounding areas.

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