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Home Painting Services from Taylor Painting and Carpentry

exterior of a large blue and white house, professional home painters

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects around the home, you might have second thoughts when it comes to painting, especially if you must use a ladder to get to those high places. You might want to consider hiring Taylor Painting and Carpentry to take on the task, especially if you’re concerned about safety.

By hiring a qualified home painting services contractor like Taylor Painting, you can make sure the job is done right and leave tackling those high spots to professionals. Professional home painters can be the key to success or even just finishing a job. Most people paint their home as a routine part of maintenance and to keep up appearances with the neighborhood. Yet if the paint is of poor standard or the work is poorly done, you defeat the entire purpose of the project.

Painting is not the hard part. Doing it right is and knowing how to paint properly takes some knowledge and talent. So, don’t just hire someone that says they can paint! The size of your project isn’t important. You need to know you’re getting qualified home painting services from professional home painters like Taylor Painting and Carpentry. If you are located in and around Wayne PA, Radnor PA, West Chester PA, Bryn Mawr PA, and Wynnewood PA, we can help you with all of your interior painting and exterior painting needs as well as drywall and roof work. We work with businesses and residents to fulfill their painting needs.


Services Offered:

  • Residential Painting - Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, and Staining
  • Commercial Painting - Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, and Staining
  • Interior & Exterior Carpentry Services
  • Power Washing & Deck Restoration
  • Water Damage Repairs & Painting
  • Wood Rot Repair and Painting
  • Garage Floor Finishes
  • Drywall Repair


Taylor Painting & Carpentry painted this bathroom a deep red. Taylor Painting & Carpentry is a full serviced and licenced painting company that services the Wayne PA, West Chester PA, Radnor PA, Bryn Mawr PA, and Wynnewood PA areas.No matter whether you need the interior or exterior of your home or business painted, we can help. Using our expertise in home painting services that spans three generations, we have the knowledge to make your house look and feel like new. There is nothing like having your home or office painted to bring about a new look and feel to your environment. Best of all, when the job is done right, it should look great and last for years! We provide our home painting services in and around Wayne PA, Radnor PA, West Chester PA, Bryn Mawr PA, and Wynnewood PA.


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