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Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

large two story off white house with a bright red roof, Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or someone who has been living the “American Dream” of home ownership for many years, there are things that need to be done each season to clean up from the season that is ending and to prepare your home for the season to come. Below are some basic exterior “To-dos” to keep in mind as the cooler weather ends and warmer, sunny days approach. Some of these you may already do, and some of them may be new to you or things you may have forgotten over the years. Either way, we hope you find this list useful to your household and that you will consider forwarding it to anyone you know who you believe could benefit from it!

Your Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Inspect roof valleys, gutters, and downspouts to make sure they are free from leaves and debris, that they are not loose, and that the gutters are graded properly towards the downspouts.
  2. Check to make sure garden hoses have good washers and nozzles before re-installing.
  3. Check the bottom ends of door frames to make sure they are free from dirt and debris pushed up against and around them as this will keep them from drying out and promotes rot.
  4. Check the house exterior for chipped, faded, and peeling paint; loose or cracked caulking around windows and doors; and any areas that have mold and mildew.
  5. Inspect stucco and brick siding and walls for cracks or fallen pieces.
  6. Trim back any tree limbs growing over the roof line or too close to windows.
  7. Trim back any shrubs at least 1 foot from the house, other wood structures, and air conditioning.
  8. Have your air conditioner inspected and tuned up.
  9. Check outdoor lighting for bad bulbs and cracked shades and replace as needed.
  10. Check roadside mailboxes for tilting or loosening due to plows, snow and ice, or even hoodlums, and house numbers for peeling or loosening.

These are just a few basic tips you should keep in mind when preparing the exterior of your home for the warmer weather we all tend to look forward to. This is a great time to consider power washing decks, fences, sheds, pool deck concrete, and whole home exterior surfaces. Any carpentry repairs or exterior house painting or staining should also be professionally done. We’re happy to handle those needs for you, as well as any necessary inspections noted above if you do not have the proper equipment. Call to discuss further tips for preparing your home for beautiful spring and early summer weather!

We have many happy clients in Wynnewood, Merion Station, Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, Wayne, Paoli, West Chester, Downingtown, Glenmoore, Chester Springs, Phoenixville, and Valley Forge areas! We are able to help with power washing, painting, staining, carpentry repairs, and many other things not mentioned above!

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