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Taylor Painting & Carpentry’s Favorite Products

Q: As a contractor, are you willing to share some of the products/brands/stores you like the best, and why?

A: Of course! Read ahead (voice in head sings) …’these are a few of our favorite things!’ – listed in no particular order:

OUR FAVORITE PAINT BRUSH: Our favorite brush is from the Wooster Brush Co. We love the Wooster because it cuts the sharpest lines. The 2 ½” angled brush is the most versatile and is great for painting trim.

OUR FAVORITE PRIMER: For primers we really like Sherwin Williams’ Extreme Bond because it guarantees the paint will stick to almost anything!

OUR FAVORITE INTERIOR HOUSE PAINT: Our favorite interior house paint is Sherwin Williams’ Emerald line Urethane Acrylic trim paint. It has an oil-like finish and can be cleaned up with soap and water.

OUR FAVORITE EXTERIOR HOUSE STAIN: For exterior house stain we prefer Sherwin Williams’ Super Deck Waterborne formula semi-transparent stain. It can go on damp wood, making it easier to finish deck projects in unpredictable spring weather.

OUR FAVORITE LUMBER YARD: For lumber we like to use Tague Lumber. They are always on-point. We don’t have to deal with a bunch of headaches with them.

OUR FAVORITE PAINT STORE: We have 2 favorite paint stores. The first is Sherwin Williams, as they carry a lot of our favorite products, and they are everywhere. We like the Wayne store in particular, as everyone working in that store really understands the products & the industry. We find that same positive with the Ricciardi Brothers store, also located in Wayne.

OUR FAVORITE MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL: Our fave multi-purpose tool is the 5-in-1. We like this because it is lightweight, fits easily in a toolbelt, opens and closes paint cans, scrapes loose paint, cleans roller covers, and smooths spackle/patches nailholes.

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