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Stucco – What You Need to Know

stucco work on Suburban Executive Home

Stucco is a popular construction material that is used as house siding and can give a home’s exterior a beautiful appearance. While not recently as popular as vinyl siding, it is still a desirable option. If applied properly, it can last many, many years. If applied incorrectly, it can be a MAJOR problem.

Why Can Stucco Be a Major Problem?

The main problem with it is that if it’s applied incorrectly, you will most likely not be aware of it for years. Behind improperly applied stucco, can be extensive water damage. Rainwater can have a way of getting behind it and unbeknownst to you, can cause the wood to rot and even mold.

What Should You Do?

If you have stucco on your home and you have never had it inspected, contact a qualified contractor for an inspection today, or call us for a referral. This is especially vital if it was installed between the mid-1980s and present day. While it can make a house look beautiful, you do not want to avoid having an inspection done.

If it is found that your stucco is not installed properly, remediation and repair need to be done right away to prevent further damage.

Can I Do It Myself?

If you are a handyman and know what to look for, you may be able to complete the task yourself. However, it is not recommended, especially if you wish to have stucco reapplied. A professional will know how to properly remove to ensure the least amount of damage and mess possible, and how to install it properly.

Another important consideration, even if your stucco was applied properly and still looks great, is to have a waterproof sealant applied to it. This will keep it looking fresh for years to come and protect against insidious water damage.

Here at Taylor Painting & Carpentry we can survey the exterior of your home and help you determine if there is possible wood rot, especially if there are visible signs of damage to the stucco surface. We can recommend qualified contractors if removal and reapplication of the stucco seem likely as necessary steps, and we can also help with more minor masonry repairs and can apply a stucco sealant to help ensure your home’s exterior looks great and stays protected for many years. We provide masonry repairs and stucco sealant services for homeowners throughout Wayne, West Chester PA, and the surrounding areas. If there is any question about the integrity of your stucco, reach out. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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