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2021 Exterior Paint Trends

paint trends in 2021 with selections of colors like these

Q: I am thinking of changing the exterior of my home. Are there any color or design trends for 2021 I should consider?
A: Yes! There are several colors, tones, and textures trending right now that would be a great choice for an exterior makeover.

One popular trend this summer is bringing back gray as a great option for an exterior home color. It can be a nice change from the average beiges and tans, and both light gray and deeper, darker, grays are being used. Using more than one color for your main house color is also gaining popularity, and light gray with a darker gray is an interesting way to touch on both trends. Whether you use a lighter color on an upper level of your home and a darker color on a lower level or switch up colors on opposite ends of the house or using architectural features as a natural breaking point, it’s a fun way to add depth and make your home stand out.

Earth tones are usually on trend year-round, and this summer we are seeing more sage greens again, as well as gray-greens, blue-greens, and light toned blues and greens as accent colors rather than a main color. As navy blue and slate blue are gaining popularity again for main house colors, a light green or blue can offset them nicely on shutters and trim. Pair that with a trendy brightly colored front door and your home will be totally on-point.
As mentioned in our last issue, Sherwin Williams’ color of the year, Urbane Bronze, is a very popular choice whether for a main color, or an accent color on a smaller section, or as a trim or door color. Bronze in nature is also popular, as well as pewter, which you can use in outdoor lighting, door hardware, and mailboxes, just to name a few options.

Very dark, slate grays and blacks are increasingly more popular – not just for trim and doors, but some brave homeowners are using them as a main house color choice. Used properly it can make quite a statement.

Natural wood tones are still great whether used on siding or doors – or can also be displayed beautifully on garage doors. Creamy, ivory-toned whites are being favored over stark white for siding or stucco choices, but a brilliant, bright white still rules when it comes to trim – in fact adding additional trim in a crisp white around windows and other architectural features is more popular than ever. Whatever colors or trends you choose, or if you choose stain for wood or paint, just making the choice to create change makes a huge difference in how your home feels and in its curb appeal. We included a few examples from Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore:

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