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Tips and Hints Exterior Prep

Taylor Painting & Carpentry painted this house blue, with white trim and a red door. Taylor Painting & Carpentry is a full serviced and licenced painting company that services the Wayne PA, West Chester PA, Radnor PA, Bryn Mawr PA, and Wynnewood PA areas.

Quality exterior painting preparation
can add 50% to the life of your project.



Here’s what to do:

  • All surfaces should be thoroughly power washed or hand scrubbed after being treated for mildew.
  • Loose paint should be scrapped or totally removed by burning or chemicals.
  • Bare wood should be sanded to a sound surface and spot primed.
  • Glossy surfaces should be dulled by sanding or use of bonding primers for a good adhesion.
  • Gaps and cracks in between joints and other surfaces should be caulked to keep out moisture and provide a cleaner finished appearance.
  • Only the best materials should be used for both preparation and finishing to provide the longest lasting exterior paint job.
  • Work should be done thoroughly by a skilled professional if you are unsure of how to do the work yourself.
  • All areas not to be painted like shrubs, landscaping and sidewalks should be protected at all times.


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